Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday Morning

Like the Velvet Underground say, Sunday mornings are indeed about the wasted years so close behind. As usual, I wake up, still counting those hundred dollar bills that are so much fun to count than sheep. I check it out, did I win the lottery? Oh well, maybe next week.

I look at the work to do on my novel. I have the scenes completely plotted. I just need to write 1-2,000 words for each scene to produce a 150,000 word novel (and this time, it'll work and get published). I don't do it though. I waste another day playing Championship Manager.

This may change in the future though. I bought one of those self help books (for procrastinators like me). When I get round to reading it, I'm sure it will help. It's called JfDI just do it by Nicholas Bate. And yes, the f does stand for what we all think it stands for.


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