Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

It's that time again, the time of New Years revolutions: of wanting to do better; of pushing back the past and welcoming in the future. It's become something of a tradition for me to publish my resolutions and lay out how I did the year before. Well, I've doen the latter already, could have been worse, could have been better. I managed four and a half out of seven resolutions. And unincluded bonuses were recovering from cancer, surviving mental illness and self-publishing some poetry.

Now for my 2015 resolutions. Divided by my major personae this year to make sure everybody gfets a look in.
1) find a way to deal with this mind-sapping depression before it kills me.
2) find some way if it is even humanly possible to get another job this year: one that pays double my current salary and doesn't make me wish I was dead. [A note here to whoever passes my statuses on to my employers. I'm sorry to say this, but the thing is, I've been an EO for 26 years. In that time, I've seen literally hundreds of people less talented, less intelligent and less innovative than me promoted time and again while I languish on the bottom rung of a ladder I clearly don't have the nous to climb. It is THAT that makes me suicidal and quite frankly there's nothing you can do to make my job better because what I need is a clear pathway where I can see how to advance by six grades in the next six years. Sorry if that's offensive. I was ready for HEO in 1992 and every time I failed after that, I slipped into mental illness. So. It's not the content of my job that makes me suicidal, it's my consistent failure to learn how to game the system.]
3) Research the possibilities of doing a higher degree.
4) Do whatever I can to help Nathalie Bennett become Prime Minister

1) Finish Ghost Army, making it the best it can possibly be by March and find an agent and or a publisher before July.
2) Write at least two more novels in 2015. (I have ideas for these but don't want to announce them yet)
3) Produce more poetry and, in December, produce a major collection of at least 100 poems.
4) Learn 'Lingua de Planeta'

1) Perform with e-Cog Zero live at least ten times.
2) Put together a New Year's Eve gig for 31 December 2015 where I will present, compere and perform.
3) Perform at least twelve times as poet/spoken word artist.
4) work toward putting together a show for the Edinburgh festival in 2016.

That's twelve, averaging one a month. More would be greedy, but I have an overarching resolution for 2015 and that is this.


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