Sunday, December 11, 2005


Another day wasted. What did I do? Well, in Championship Manager, I managed to get the sack from Aston Villa but I did win the Scottish League with Celtic, which was nice. My addiction rating is "Just one more game, honest", which suggests a problem, as does the fact that I have managed to write exactly zero pages of my novel today. I really should be ashamed of myself. Like the man says JfDI, Alcuin.

Maybe next week.

Beside that, I was watching the footage of the explosion at Hemel Hemstead, then some football. I must admit, I enjoyed the row between Brad Friedel and Robbie Savage. I wonder if Savage said anything really unforgivable and to his own teammate. After all, this is a character so vile that even Dion Dublin lost his rag with him. Oh yes, and in the same game... Tomas Repka. Does Repka know there's not actually a war on?


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