Sunday, April 26, 2015


What is this blog for?  It was started around ten years ago to give me some way of ranting in public in the days when facebook had not been invented.  It became a way of sharing posts I was particularly proud of on the now defunct BBC websites.  Those were the days, my friends, and if I thought they'd never end I was deluded.

Another thing I've done on this blog is talk about my hopes and fears, my new years resolutions, the failures and successes.  I've used its sister blogs for music, for ideas about alternative history, as an attempt very publicly to speedwrite screenplays. The last a failure as so often in my life.

More successful was the account of my own radiation treatment. At least I kept it going as long as I was being chernobyled (that IS a word dammit, I just neologised it) to get rid of the cancer.  Then there was the time I had the idea I might stand as Mayor of London as an independent in 2016, that fell through when I got cancer, but to be honest, it should have fallen through when I realised I had no charisma.

So what is this blog for.  It's my attempt to voice my opinions, to be heard, but to do that I need an audience.  So does anybody know how I get one.  Is there anybody there? Is there anybody there?


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Wednesday, 26 August, 2015  

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