Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Message

So 2015
  • 2015 was the year I was officially told I don't have cancer anymore but they'll keep on checking every 6 months like forever, just in case.  That's good.
  • 2015 was the year my psychiatrist discharged me and said I'd survived half a century with schizophrenia and there was nothing he could do about that until the epilepsy had successfully been treated.  That is, in retrospect, not as bad as I thought.
  • 2015 was the year in which I self published "Ghost Army" (writing as Quinn Agathoni) albeit only on kindle. Several people have told me the book is 'haunting' so that is marvellous.
  • 2015 was the year I stood beside Father Thames and gathering energy from life and love, from concrete and liquid, from river to sea to river and sent Bastet to accompany Kashyapa on her journey to the Summerlands.  That was what it was.
  • 2015 was the year e-Cog Zero met Andy Cavendish at Power Lunches as well as WI and Silver Stags and Imaginary Dreamers.  We have had many reasons since to be grateful for that moment.
  • 2015 was the year I went to Jamaica.  That was good.
  • 2015 was the year I took my wife to Skegness to meet my mother. That was extremely bad, especially as that was the time when Ingrid Andrew died.
  • 2015 was the year I failed to find another job that will support me and my family. That was bad
  • 2015 was the year in which the General election gave a result I found impossible to understand.  That was the worst election result since 1983.
  • 2015 was the year I started working with Professor Kirstein Rummery on her policy paper on social policy and gender equality. That was wonderful.

And what of 2016?  What do I resolve?

As Quinn Agathoni, I will write as often as I can.  
  • I will finish Good People.
  • I will write Ghost Army as a screenplay and try to interest a filmmaker in it.
  • I will attempt to build a novel based on my poetry cycle 'Concerto for Mosquitos and Sunshine',
  • I will enter every writing competition I can.

e-Cog Zero will build up the momentum for a future
  • We will finish recording our album, "What We Wanted..."
  • We will work with Djamel and Kyle and Dafydd and the rest at T-Chances to help Andy Cavendish make it a name to conjure with.
  • We will develop a brilliant website
  • We will produce professional videos.
  • We will attract a following no matter what it takes.

I will do what I can to be happy.  I hope that means
  • Find a job where it's okay to be neurodivergent
  • Achieve something in work and get recognised for it
  • Get the Hell out of London
  • Earn enough money so I can buy novels and go to see bands
Okay, that's as many resolutions as last year, so I hope I can keep more than six in 2016. 


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Tuesday, 03 May, 2016  
Blogger Alcuin Edwards said...

I have no objection to posts in Turkish but would prefer them translated

Tuesday, 03 May, 2016  
Blogger Speider Defne said...

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Monday, 23 May, 2016  
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Tuesday, 22 November, 2016  
Blogger Vishva Bharaman said...

Nice Post...

Sunday, 04 December, 2016  
Blogger Alcuin Edwards said...

Thank you Vishva Bharaman. Sadly I failed most of my resolutions this year but never mind.

Sunday, 04 December, 2016  

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