Wednesday, January 25, 2006



Gavin says I must write something. Span wants something mathematical. How about Prime Numbers?

A set of numbers which are not and cannot be Prime.

If a number N, has a whole number square root(r), then clearly it cannot be prime because it has at least three factors, 1*r*r=N.

But did you know that N-1 can't be prime either? Consider the equation (x+1)*(x-1)=M. multiplying out the brackets we get x squared + x -x -1 or M=x squared minus 1. If x is a whole number, then this is the same as making x the same as r in the first equation.

So... r squared =N and r+1 times r-1 = N-1.

There you are Span... maths. Happy?

I'm off work sick today.


Blogger Gavin Corder said...

When I said post, I didn't mean numbers! Numbers? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!

Now what about telling us why you have such an interesting name?

Alcuin Insull not exactly Kevin Trevor is it?

Saturday, 04 February, 2006  

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