Monday, November 17, 2008

Rage Issues

First thing's first, I begin to wonder about my mental health today. I had to wait seventeen minutes fro a bus that would take me all the way home. The company advertises that buses will arrive "every 8 to 13 minutes" so it was longer than advertised. Okay, it was raining and I was coughing somewhat but the rage I felt at that moment, was over the top.

When the bus did arrive, it filled up (if it had arrived on time, I was early enough to miss most of the rush area) and, about half way through, the complete bus was decanted so I had to queue up with another hundred or so people to get on the already crowded buses runing behind.

Now I was seething, imagining flinging curses like some malevolent Gandalf, or perhaps eating the people around me. Even when the bus came, I was chanting, only just under my breath, "I am a man-wolf, the wolf in me would eat the man, I am a wolf-man, the man in me would kill the wolf".

Still. I didn't eat anyone and arrived home just in time for the news. It seems a Saudi oil-tanker has been captured by Somali pirates. My first reaction was to state that had I been on the crew, that tanker would have gone up in flames as soon as the pirates were too close to escape. I then suggested using a cruise missile to sink the tanker and the Somali vessel that captured it, foo miles from land. I later realised this was in fact a sensible solution, but that's neither here nor there, it wasn't like me.

And then, Baby P. I hold every Haringey councillor responsible and hope we all remember that come election day in May 2009. I may also have advocated the death penalty for the perpetrators but I wasn't serious. After all, sadly we allow a much bigger drop these days, a proper sacrifice to Odin requires a shorter drop and strangulation for days.

I'm calmer now, and realise that won't bring the baby back. The perpetrators need to be brainwashed until they understand and CARE exactly what they've done to the baby. I still believe we should nuke one of the pirate ports though, that's not rage speaking, just common sense.


Blogger Span Ows said...

Wow...back posting!

Agree with you re Baby P and the pirates! Incidently 2 ships bringing cargo for me (well, OK, the company) were amongst the dozens kidnapped and my way of dealing with it strikes many similarities with your least some covert submarine action FFS!

Wednesday, 07 January, 2009  

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