Friday, January 02, 2009

Logging on

It's hard to think of something to write about every day, but I intend to try. Today may be difficult because I did not go to work, or even leave the house. What I did do, as every day, is logon.

My home page is the default for my provider, Virgin Media. I usually wizz off somewhere else while it's still loading but occasionally, I read some of the articles. They're invariably about celebrities, music or movies but I think the editor may be on holiday today...

Today, there was an article entitled "How to give a good blowjob". As a connoisseur of such pleasures, I can attest that the advice given was sound, but that's not the point. The presence of the article raised a question for me. Do I feel all prudish and offended, or do I admit that I wished certain people had been given the information years ago. In the end, I settled for nostalgia and heaved a heavy sigh in mourning for my lost libido.


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