Friday, January 15, 2010

Let's Storm the Charts

Well to begin with, before I forget, here's where to go.

Right, so why are you going there? Just because I said so? No... because this group on facebook is doing everything in its power to break record companies' oligopoly of the music you get to hear on the radio, on TV and anywhere else that the charts are used as some kind of barometer of youthful taste.

I'm hoping this is a worldwide phenomenon, not just an English one and so, I've invited all of my facebook friends to join, not just those in the UK. Later, I shall invite all my Myspace friends as well... and my local newsagent (hallo Harry), the landlord of the Rose and Crown, all the messagegroups I'm still using (which means mustardland right now) and anyone else I can think of.

This is a spur so, once I've got a better recording of Armageddon Ball, or maybe any recording at all of one of my other songs, I'll put it on itunes and Amazon and put my name forward (although it'll have to be good to compete with Joy Shannon's band (once you're in the group, you can find a link. She's good)).

One word of warning though. No covers so, although I think Gemiinii Riisiing's version of Don't Fear the Reaper is awesome, she'd have to nominate another track. Likewise, I'm hoping to see nominations for Playing Rapunzel, The Sharron McLeod Fauxtet, and the Pennebakers as well.

Good luck everyone.


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