Wednesday, November 01, 2006



I may have mentioned P-P- a few times while discussing weighty matters on the BBC boards. Add to that, Carien mentioning that it is quite some time since I have written here and the result of the equation is this post, while P-P- sits on my lap.

Now, many of you know that, when Chichi died, I was angling to replace her with a mongoose. There are dog people, there are cat people, and there are of course mongoose people. Unfortunately, Jamaicans (like my wife for example) view mongooses as vermin rather than beautiful predators that will keep foxes, cats and small children out of the garden, so instead, we got a cat.

I wasn't expecting a cat when I came home that Friday. (I hadn't spoken to my wife for over a week because I'd said something unforgivable again - or she had, I can't remember which) But, I came home and there was that trembling ball of black and white fur.

Stefan and Cleo had both gone to pick him up. They went to the house and the mother's owner picked P up by the scruff of his neck and asked. "That one?", a pause while he had a look, "Female?" and that was that.

As a kitten, Precious, as we called him at first, hid away and it took a full day of coaxing before I could get him to eat. Even then, he was quite happy to BITE, just not eat. Now he bites just about everyone but especially me (I suspect this is because he enjoys getting slapped).

Of course, he had to go to the vet for flea treatment etc. and that's when the vet pointed out that he was in fact, male. I have seen proof since then. Just after the vet chopped his balls off, I saw him with a little cat erection, curled up and licking his own penis.

So... Precious became P but that was too short and he gained an extra P, to be P-P-. He's a full grown cat now, and he's chased most of the other cats out of the garden, but the squerls laugh at him and the foxes attack him whenever they can. At the moment, he mostly stays in, after all, we've had Diwali, then Eidh and now it's coming up to Guy ffawkes' Night, so there are lots of bangs to frighten him.

There... it's okay Kovacs, you can look now, I've stopped talking about my cat.