Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Corruption in the UK

This country (the UK) has become corrupt. That's not a government thing alone, although there's plenty evidence of various kinds of malpractice in some of the minor parties as well as the three main ones. The corruption runs right through society, mainly among the money markets but also reaching down to our very neighbours who may well be fiddling the social.

Economists have shown that in any economic system, corruption introduces a "Lucas Paradox" where instead of flowing naturally from rich to poor parts of the economy, it flows to the least corrupt areas. Thus we end up with rich, clean areas and poor, corrupt areas.

This is then a vicious circle because poverty forces the inhabitants of currupt areas into further corruption.

The problem is not whether we trust the vote but whether we trust the whole political class. Clearly we don't. Clearly we can't.