Monday, August 05, 2013


The last episode ever of Skins broadcast tonight.  I haven't seen it yet, but as soon as this post is written, I'll be watching on 4OD.  I just thought I'd take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for making a great TV series.

I've seen a lot of people online arguing that the series 1-2 cast was better than the series 3-4 cast or that series 5-6 was the best, or maybe that series 7 was rubbish.  The truth is, the whole thing was brilliant.  A great showcase for new actors and writers working together to make great television.

I loved:

Chris Myles - the fucked up kid, who ended up living at school and dying there at seventeen - but his death was NOT a tragedy.  Beautifully handled.

Sid (but I wanted him to see how beautiful Cassie was and stop mooning over Michelle).

Cassie especially in series 7 when her mental health issues are more properly explained

JJ, Freddy, Cook, Effy ... and Pandora (and for that matter Thomas, I'd love to have seen what happened between them in the USA).

Frankie, Minnie, Grace, Liv, Alo, and even David Blood.  5-6 was a great series and my favourite, but that is not to denigrate the others.

What I want to know now is where its replacement will come from... a show that showcases new acting and writing talent as beautifully.  Whatever it is, bring it on.

For now I'm off to watch the last episode.