Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A spider in my bath

Actually, it wasn't in my bath but on the tiles behind the shower head. If it had been in the bath, I think it would have been hard to get out, being so small. (Only about 8mm long so I'd be worried about damaging it).

It was fascinating really. Plain reddish brown in colour, almost certainly a member of a Clubiona species but with an elongated abdomen and with the size, I'd have thought it was probably Clubiona pallidula but the colouring was more appropriate to Clubiona trivialis. Either way, I'm privileged to see it in my bath rather than in the garden.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Cup and such and stuff

I've been silent far too long (well not silent exactly, because I was still posting on the BBC website and the Alternative History website, but silent here).

Now though, it's the world cup. I've been to the bookies to hand over my biennial ten quid (England 5 quid to win at 6-1 not good value but I feel strangely confident for a change. Australia 1 quid each way at 80-1 a flutter I know but I've a feeling Harry Kewell and the lads could surprise some of their opponents, they've already beaten Uruguay and I see no reason they can't beay Japan or even Brazil. Australia, USA and Ivory Coast to win their groups. I have to say Ivory Coast's chances faded away against Argentina, I'm so used to Argentina being overrated, I never expected the hype to be pretty much true.)

So.. impressions. I found the England game almost as frustrating as Peter Crouch did, that referee didn't like him one bit. That much was obvious. I enjoyed the Argentina game obviously and the Trinidad-Sweden game was fun, although I was hoping for the Caribbean lads to put one past the Swedes at the last moment. And then today, the Netherlands-Serbia & Montenegro game. Seeing the Dutch hanging back and desperately defending a one goal league, I felt so disappointed. Whatever happened to total football.