Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last Tango out of Mustardland

This (below) is probably my last keeper from the BBC messageboards, now that the BBC has pulled the plug even on The Archers' messageboard known as 'Mustardland'.  Mustardland will be archived by the British Library but this post of mine, entitled "World War Z - The Last Tango Out of Argentina" can be found, for the time being, here.

We have discussed elsewhere the travesty of putting the name of Mr Brooks' fine novel to the Brad Pitt vehicle blessed with that name. Here I am thinking of Mr Brooks' novel.

In the book, there was an interviewee who had spent the Zombie Wars as a radio operator in the Ship City in the South Pacific, whose job it was to listen to broadcasts from around the world and report on what they heard in order that the residents of the Ship City could know how the war was going, what was working and what was not.

It was an onerous task with most committing suicide within months, but the man who Mr Brooks interviewed had survived to talk about it. He said that the worst thing he could remember was the voice of the last DJ at a station in Buenos Argentina, telling calmly how he was the last man alive in Argentina, then putting on one last tango and blowing his brains out.

I will be at work when we close down and I have no intention of blowing my brains out but, if I was able when the time came, I would hope to post a link to a you tube video of a tango just because that is the appropriate thing to do.

I will post a link to Brecht and Weil's "Tango Ballad" - all beautiful and nostalgic as it is, and hope that, when the time comes, there will be someone there to post a link to the last tango out of Mustardland.