Sunday, November 24, 2013


Well the first thing to say is, I have met the playing gigs part of my new year's resolution.

I've been playing with e-Cog Zero, which consists of myself (vocals), John Giltrow (guitar) and David Paton (bass).  So far we've done one gig at the Comedy, Leicester Square, and Mother Bar in Old Street and, on 5th December, we're playing Nambucca in Holloway Road.  You can get tickets here and I hope you do to increase our chances of playing on the main stage, and also of getting paid..  We'll be supported by Dee Dee Loves Me, AnguZ and Minimum, which looks to me like a good night ahead of us.

The main thing to know about e-Cog Zero is we are energetic, playing hard driving rock n rolls that draws on influences from American and Yugoslavian punk, English Blues, a hint of Velvet Undergound and even a dash of Dark Cabaret.

Sets so far have been:
The Comedy -
Sympathy for the Devil, Why Don't you Smile Now?, Whiskey, Doll Parts, Eggshells, Paradise Heights, Babylon is Fallen, Bella Ciao, Bandiera Rossa.

Mother Bar -
Sympathy for the Devil, Why Don't You Smile Now?, Whiskey, Kill the Poor, Eggshells, Babylon is Fallen, Bella Ciao, Waiting for the Man, and Channeling Kafka.

As you can see, we do a mix of covers and originals (and some of the covers are effectively ours).  You can also see that as time goes on, we are getting more and more original.

For the next gig, we're working on two new songs, "Poor Boys" and "One More Drink".

So... beyond that, I also did a comedy gig at Tottenham Chances  and have been offered a new spot but, since I don't find myself funny, I've decided to make it a poetry slot.  May even take along my dulcitar if folk are especially naughty.  The craic was great.  I loved the venue and loved the crowd.  I'm definitely doing that again.

e-Cog Zero are looking for a drummer, and I'm hoping to speak to someone who played the drums last time and asking whether she's interested in being in a band.  We'll see.  In the meantime, if you see her, don't tell her.

I've been into hospital to have my gold grains inserted and to have the tattoos to aim the radiation, so radiotherapy starts on 18 December.  Looking forward to it being over.