Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Vindaloo - another I wanted to keep

Nonsense, criticism does not damage our country. Helping out complete strangers does not damage our country. The best thing about the English and our Frisian and Danish ancestors is our adaptability.

No Englishman, I won't even say patriot because it's not about patriotism it's about the essence of Englishness, would EVER seek to turn the culture of MY country into something unchanging.

Forget the usual useless argument racists tend to make about people coming in, look at how England has changed in the past couple of years... Now you can buy sushi in Sainsburys (do you see THAT many Japanese people around, no it's English people eating Sushi. We go bungee jumping some of us (and that particular piece of madness came from New Zealand).

But one change, the brilliant change that makes me PROUD to be English because it can ONLY happen in England. I saw two buskers on the Underground playing together. There was a Chinese guy on bongoes and a white dreadlocked rasta playing the Didgeridoo.

We take the culture of the world and we make it OURS and yes, that makes me proud to be English.

THAT, my friend, is the England I'd happily fight for.

"Vindaloo... vindaloo, we're gonna score one more than you."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A post I wanted to keep

Social Engineering is not a requirement of communism, neither is it necessary to be a communist to be a social engineer. The commonly used "ie" means one thing is the same as the other. This statement is clearly not true. Neither is it commonly used, so it is not available as a throwaway line. If not accompanied by an essay describing why communism and social engineering are identical to each other, it is a lie.

Every time a government passes a law that rewards or punishes a kind of behaviour, any kind of behaviour either by taxing it or by making it illegal, that is social engineering. Every time the Government decides to set army pay above, below, or AT the average wage, the decision is a form of social engineering.

Even without governments, every time a shop offers a loyalty card or special offers, that is social engineering. Every time an advertisement is made, it is attempting to change people's behaviour, again it's social engineering.

Of course I believe in it. I believe people should behave well to one another and that any means is legitimate in attempting to make sure this happens.



Gavin says I must write something. Span wants something mathematical. How about Prime Numbers?

A set of numbers which are not and cannot be Prime.

If a number N, has a whole number square root(r), then clearly it cannot be prime because it has at least three factors, 1*r*r=N.

But did you know that N-1 can't be prime either? Consider the equation (x+1)*(x-1)=M. multiplying out the brackets we get x squared + x -x -1 or M=x squared minus 1. If x is a whole number, then this is the same as making x the same as r in the first equation.

So... r squared =N and r+1 times r-1 = N-1.

There you are Span... maths. Happy?

I'm off work sick today.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Is this how to do it? I wonder if Blogspot has been taken over by the BBC.

How sick am I?

In truth, not sick at all. I still HAVE the edema but after testing my heart (fine) thyroid (perfect), Kidneys (fine), Liver (fine except that my Gamma Globulin's a bit high, suggesting I'm an habitual drunk), and checked for lupus, diabetes and other stuff (leprosy and/or pregnancy for all I know) my doctor thinks my veins are just too lazy to carry my blood ALLLLLLLL the way back from my feet to my heart.



Hmm... what happened there. Has Blogspot been taken over by the BBC?

Okay... a shortened form. My heart, thyroid and kidneys are fine, my cholesterol is borderline, my liver's okay except that Gamma Globulin's a little high (which suggests I'm a lush and probably drink more than I think). Now the doctor thinks my veins are just too lazy to take all the blood from my legs alllll the way back up again.


I suppose I ought to let people know the result of my MOT.

My heart is in perfect working order. It's as healthy as that of a man half my weight (Okay, technically a man of half my weight would probably be underweight if he was 6'4" tall... but not by much and his heart might be quite healthy... it's only at the extremes of starvation - say a third of my weight, that things start going really badly wrong).

My thyroid and kidneys are fine too. I don't have cancer, nor lupus nor any of the other exotic things mentioned. Basically, my veins just can't cope with all that blood so the Doctor said she'd send me to see a venologist. It's a while since I saw her though and I've heard nothing. Perhaps she likes to procrastinate too.

Of course, it could be that I have the edema just because I'm really fat but I'm not considering that yet.

I was fat as a child but then had dysentry at age 4 and never put on the weight again until I was 26. Hmm... wonder if perhaps I ought to take a trip to Laos?